So much data? Too many systems? So busy collecting and processing data that you have too little time to manage or act?

ecoDATA is the answer. A universal platform that integrates any and all live data from all sources in any format regardless of protocols. A true Internet of Things or IoT solution that has been over 10 years in the making to give users an intuitive, single web portal to access just the information needed for good decision making.


User Friendly

Easy to learn, easy to use - designed with time poor executives, managers and operators in mind.Read More

Charts, Reports & Alarms

Charts, Reports, Alarms

Full range of decision tools - exceptions reports, dashboards, traffic light coding, multiple charts and alarms.. Read More

Automatic Analysis

Automatic Analysis

Powerful algorithms process your Big Data and transform it into useful information; ecoDATA gives you the answers. Read More

Cloud Based & Web Portal

Cloud Based SaaS

Data Centre hosting and backup. No software to buy or maintain, pay as you go. Use your computer, tablet or smart phone. Read More

All Data from Anywhere

All Data from Anywhere

Big Data system for live inputs from 1,000s of meters and sensors, even manual entries. Any unit, interval, format or protocol.Read More

Performance Reporting

Performance Reporting

KPIs (macro & micro), benchmarking (targets, baseline, best practice) and exceptions reporting for managers. Read More

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